LULU aka Laura Reaka lives in Eudora, Kansas with her 2 sons and 3 dogs. It was never a question of “what would I grow up to be?” -growing up in my large artistic family. Both parents are brilliant fine artists. Each of my 7 siblings boasting artistic talent. Rather the question was “what kind of artist would I be”. I think this is a question artists sometimes grapple with...choosing a path. A path of expression.I love fine art. I grew up in a house filled with fine art. I skillfully learned the techniques of “fine art”. The precision...the accuracy...the realism. The fine art pieces I’ve produced give me pride- pride that I executed them well but...I don’t love them. They don’t necessarily make me...happy. I chose the corporate world of graphic design in apparel for my career. I currently work as a creative artist for Camp David Apparel. I love the creative freedom I have in this position but there are also guidelines to follow. The thoughts began to build...that I wanted to do something that just follows my guidelines and I decided to start painting. This decision was the birth of LULU art. Yes, it is my nickname but it represents a freedom. A freedom to express my vision- or I should say “visions” of my imagination. This place is LULU...and it is my own. And it is evolving. My paintings aren’t meant to change the face of art or influence the world. If they go no further than the canvas that sits in front of me...they will still make me happy....AND if it brings a smile to your face- well, then that is a GREAT reward. 

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